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My daughter is now 10 years old and in 5th class. When Anna* started kindergarten she was a very enthusiastic and optimistic little girl. Anna was experiencing difficulties initially in kindergarten when she was unable to read fluently. Teachers told me it was because she was placing too much emphasis on her expression. She was also finding school difficult socially, and would constantly try to help friends to win favour with them and often felt left out. She was also finding noisy environments stressful, yelling at her siblings if they made repetitive noises or movements. She was unable to settle and fall asleep at night with restless legs and arms. She would arrive home from school very irritable and teary for most of the afternoon. I actually dreaded this time of day when I should have been looking forward to being together. Going to school became a time of day she did not enjoy and often saying she was sick because she didn’t want to go. Absent days from school were mounting. I felt so distant from her and often it felt like we couldn’t even have a conversation without an argument.

This continued into 2nd class. Her self esteem was very low often telling herself how bad she was at doing tasks. We were constantly at the doctors for ear, nose and throat and allergy issues since she was a toddler. We removed all additives and preservatives and wheat. Teachers were very approachable but because Anna was above average with maths but lower on reading level they didn’t think I needed to be concerned. Anna would say “mum I know I can do the work as good as the other children but it takes me longer to get things done”, “why can’t I read like the other kids in my class”. Anna often rushed through activities or would start an activity and couldn’t stop until it was finished even when it was time to have dinner or go to bed.

As time went on she started to show signs of depression. This was so heartbreaking for me to see as she was only a 9 year old. We were referred to a psychologist and we talked to her teacher about letting her remove herself from the classroom when she became too anxious to have a drink break. My sister told me about Extra Lesson. We had already started doing a movement program at home but Extra Lesson involved a one on one program and a whole lot more.

I am happy to report that Anna is going to school and handling any mishap with ease, not that there seem to be many anymore. She is sleeping well and is more energetic during the day. Parents from soccer have noticed that her ball skills have improved out of sight and Anna even reported that it is easier for her to accurately kick the ball. Most significant of all is that our mother daughter relationship has improved and we enjoy the time we spend together and are now very close. Anna said recently “Mum you are like my friend but more special”. Her recent school report noted her very competent reading level and improvements in all areas emotionally, mentally, physically and socially.

I think about how our lifestyle has changed from when we were young and how finger knitting, play dough, jumping rope and jumping jacks were so much of our play. Extra Lesson incorporates all these activities and a lot more and it is so effective. I would highly recommend the program to any parent looking to put the whole puzzle together for their child. It’s remarkable to see the results.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy

“Her recent school report noted her very competent reading level and improvements in all areas emotionally, mentally, physically and socially.”